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Sikhas Das

Regional Manager & Acting General Manager

Sikha Das

Sikha Das’ voyage into the culinary realm began in 2007 when she joined the Haines brothers’ Bistro 33, their El Dorado Hills establishment. She initially served as a bartender. Through her dedication and tenacity, she swiftly climbed the ranks to assume the pivotal general manager role within only two years.

In 2017, she took on the general manager mantle at 33rd Street Bistro, adding to her leadership acumen and operational prowess.

Building on this foundation, she seized the opportunity to spearhead operations at Wildwood Kitchen & Bar in 2018. Here, she leverages her expertise to elevate our establishment to new heights.

Throughout her tenure, she’s traversed the landscape of SRO Management Inc's diverse portfolio. She contributes her expertise to multiple locations and plays an integral role in their continued success.

Today, she proudly serves as a key overseer, ensuring all SRO Management Inc. establishments run seamlessly and provide you with unparalleled quality.


Head Corporate Chef

Chef Victor Cruz

Chef Victor Cruz embarked on his culinary journey in 2004 at 33rd Street Bistro under Chef Fred Haines’ expert guidance.

For over two decades, he’s refined his skills at various Haines brothers’ establishments — Bistro33 in El Dorado Hills, Davis and Midtown Sacramento, as well as Riverside Clubhouse, Spin Burger and Suzie Burger. He’s worked closely with SRO Management Inc. — the Haines brothers’ central company.

Chef Cruz now oversees back of house operations at Suzie Burger, ROC&SOL Diner and Wildwood Kitchen & Bar. He always ensures the highest standards of culinary excellence at each restaurant.

By crafting Wildwood Kitchen & Bar’s hyper-seasonal menus, Chef Cruz continues to make this New American bistro a local favorite.


Chef De Cuisine

Chef Oscar

Chef Oscar Gabriel’s career spans over 20 years in the restaurant industry.

Chef Gabriel started his journey in 2001 at the former 33rd Street Bistro, also by Chef Haines’ side. He joined Waterboy Restaurant at the same time, where he immersed himself in culinary artistry’s many intricacies.

Balancing full-time commitments at both establishments afforded him invaluable opportunities to glean insights from seasoned local chefs.

He brings his years of expertise to Wildwood Kitchen & Bar’s one-of-a-kind dishes.


Assistant Manager

Joseph Killingsworth

Joseph Killingsworth has been dedicated to his role at Wildwood Kitchen & Bar for the past seven years. He shows his staunch commitment to excellence and thoughtful leadership every day.

His tenure in the restaurant industry began at The Mustard Seed, a family-owned establishment in Weaverville, California. Starting with humble responsibilities like dishwashing and bussing tables during his seventh-grade summers, he quickly learned the value of hard work and perseverance. The experience also instilled him with a strong work ethic as a preteen.

He moved to Sacramento after graduating high school in 1996 and delved deeper into the California hospitality industry.

Beginning as a server, his determination led him to pursue bartending as soon as he reached the legal age. He transitioned ambitiously into the bar on his 21st birthday and never looked back.

Next, he gained valuable experience in renowned restaurants in Sacramento and the surrounding areas, including Carver’s Steak House and Ten 22/Firehouse Restaurant.

In 2017, he seized the opportunity to join the dynamic Wildwood Kitchen & Bar team. He’s progressed to his current assistant general manager role through dogged dedication and excellence.

His steadfast work ethic and leadership skills contribute to our establishment’s continued success.

bevan atkins

Assistant Manager

Bevan Atkins

Bevan Atkins’ trek with SRO Management Inc. began in 2011, when he kick-started his career as a diligent busser/barback at Bistro 33, El Dorado Hills and Sidebar, its next-door nightclub.

He resolutely took on a variety of roles as a server for the restaurant and the private dining banquet hall. In 2018, he transitioned to Wildwood Kitchen & Bar, where he embarked on a new chapter of his career.

Here, he’s delighted to serve as lead bartender and manager. He embraces his passion for mixology and preparational acumen to elevate the bar program and overall guest experience.

His continued devotion to crafting mouthwatering cocktail creations fuels his drive to innovate and delight you with new and exciting drinks.

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